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    DarkStone Champions



History of Uma

Technical Info

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Gunther, the blacksmith

Gunther provides you with any equipment you need. At his premises you can buy, upgrade, repair and sell every type of  weapon, armor, helmets and shields you come across during the game.

Note: you cannot sell item needed to complete quests like the Celestial Sword

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Master Elmeric

Master Elmeric can provide you with all the spell books and scrolls available in the game, as well as various magic objects. He has something for every size of purse. He can also recharge magic weapons for a few gold pieces. If you have any spell scrolls you no longer require, you can sell to him.

perry.jpg (61194 bytes) Perry, the Publican

The publican can provide you with food and comfortable lodging for the night for 100 gold pieces. This will enable you to replenish your life, mana and food points completely.

larsac.jpg (59092 bytes) Larsac, the Usurer

Larsac lets you deposit the gold pieces you have collected during the game at the bank, thus helping you to create more room in your bag and to avoid being robbed.

Irma.jpg (61588 bytes) Madame Irma

Irma offers some of her services free of charge, healing your wounds and detoxifying you when you have been poisoned. Sha can also identify magic objects and remove spells from objects.

Dalsin.jpg (64348 bytes) Master Dalsin

Master Dalsin takes sheer delight in teaching you, for a fee, certain skills which may prove to be very useful later on in the game, e.g., "Medicine", "Repairs", "Identification", etc. Each character has access to different skills.