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History of Uma

Technical Info

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Land of Ardyl Land of Marghor Land of Omar Land of Serkesh

Land of Ardyl

Horn of Plenty

Levels: 1-4
Difficulty: Easy
Crystal: Wisdom
Creatures found in this dungeon: Skeleton, Rat, Bat, Golem (Fire & Ice), Goblin

You will find a village with people starving because the Horn of Plenty has been stolen. So find your way down to level 1. Here you will find Riken a soul cannot rest until the horn of plenty has been recovered.  Fight your way to level 2 and you will find Riken standing in-front of a door. He will tell you that behind the door is a powerful Fire Golem. Kill the Fire Golem and recover an Fire Sphere. Do the same on level three, except the Golem is Ice. On the last level find a square room that has no doors. Go to the bottom side of this square and you'll find Riken. Give him the Fire & Ice Spheres and he'll give you the Cloak of Clouds which allows you to pass through the walls. Kill the wizard inside and take the Horn of Plenty. Give the Horn of Plenty back to the mayor of the village and when your about the leave, Riken will appear and give you the Crystal Wisdom.

Note: right-clicking on the Horn of Plenty gives you a chicken piece. You can keep on doing this forever.

Sun Cross

Levels: 1-4
Difficulty: Normal
Crystal: Wisdom
Creatures found in this dungeon: Skeleton, Rat, Rat Man, Giant Wasp, Goblin, Spider

An Antique Dealer tells you that a very rare piece called the Sun Cross was stolen by the followers of Kaliba. He wants you to retrieve this cross for him. The Sun Cross is on level 3 in a sanctuary and you cannot enter the sanctuary unless you are a follower of Kaliba. So go down to level 4 and you'll find Gordoon. Pass his test receive the Amulet of Kaliba. Go back to level three and wear this amulet so you can go into the sanctuary. You can either take the fake cross on the table or open the secret passage to a tomb.