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    DarkStone Champions



History of Uma

Technical Info

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ABSORPTION - absorbs the enemies vital energy during combat. The player can pick up life points using this.

ANTIDOTE - is used to heal characters who have been poisoned

BERSERKER - increases the character's armor class, speed of attack and chance of gaining a hit during a certain period of time. You can also win life points.

MAGIC BOMB - is similar to a mine and explodes on contact with the opponents or when a certain period of time has elapsed. It can be used to booby-trap chests.

FIRE BALL - launches fire balls.

CONFUSION - plunges an enemy into total confusion, making him go and attack his comrades.

DETECTION - helps detect magic objects, which are then highlighted in blue.

DEATH DOME - creates a protection dome around a character. Anyone who tries to break through it will be injured.

SPARK - throws sparks at a target

HEALING - provides healing

HASTE - allows you to move faster.

INVISIBILTY - makes a character invisible to everyone, but he may be given away by his footsteps.

INVOCATION - invokes a fire golem which attacks your enemies

SLOWNESS - slows down your enemy target's speed of movement and combat.

LIGHT - creates a luminious aura around your character. Its power depends on your character's experience level.

MAGIC MISSILE - launches magic projectiles

WALL OF FIRE - creates a wall of fire.

FOOD - provides your character with food.

POISON CLOUD - Produces a green cloud which poisons anyone who approaches it.

FORGETFULNESS - causes you to temporarily forget spells for monsters for monsters and erases the enemy players' pre-selected spells.

FEAR - causes panic amidst the enemy lines.

STONE - turns target into stone.

MAGIC DOOR - creates a door that allows your character to go back and forward between the dungeons and town.

REFLECTION - rebounds any spell cast or projectile thrown at you onto your aggressor.

RESURRECTION - allows you to revive your character.

FLAME THROWER - launches huge flames at enemy targets

TELEKINESIS - can be used to open chests, pick up objects and pull levels from a distance.

TELEPORTATION - allows your character to move instantly to anywhere he chooses. Please note that some places are not accessible via teleportation

STORM - pushes back any enemy at close range to the thrower. Any enemy touching a wall gets damage points against him.

THUNDER - throws lightning bolts at the enemy.

MUTATION - turns the enemy target into a chicken.

NIGHT VISION - allows you to see the enemy better in dark areas.